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Os associados estão convidados a informar a diretoria sobre eventos na área de ecotoxicologia para ser disponibilizado neste site.


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  • VI International Workshop on Pollutants in the Environment   Data inicial:  04/07/2017
    Data final:  07/07/2017
    Local:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Registration: The IWPE 2017 is access free to all with an interest in environmental pollutants!  

  • 18th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment   Data inicial:  16/07/2017
    Data final:  21/07/2017
    Local:  School of Technology, UNICAMP, Campus I in Limeira, Brazil

    Website -

    This symposium series has met regularly since 1983, and provides a platform for scientists from around the world to discuss the latest developments in understanding levels of toxicity and mechanisms of action for chemicals of global concern, to better inform regulatory toxicology focused on public health and environmental safety. Current advances in the fields of toxicity assessment, biomarkers and bioindicators, environmental chemistry and green chemistry, remediation and mitigation technologies will be covered.

    ISTA 18 is a unique opportunity to bring together researchers, professionals, administrators, regulators, non-governmental organizations and policy-makers to exchange ideas, identify research, and determine resource needs, in order to support better management of ecosystem health and minimize risks to public health. Early career researchers and students are strongly encouraged to participate in ISTA 18. These meetings have been shown to provide an excellent opportunity for networking and career advancement.

    This should be one of the best ISTA’s ever organized, and we promise a warm welcome, good hospitality, and a pleasant atmosphere. Limeira is a small urban centre with around 300,000 inhabitants, located in the Brazilian state of São Paulo about 150 km from the capital city of São Paulo. The School of Technology is part of a growing and vibrant university campus, and was constructed to provide opportunities to young people seeking a good education.

    July is the best season to come to this part of Brazil!  Although this is our winter, temperatures range from 15 to 30°C, rain is not very common, and mosquitos are almost absent. The closest airports are Guarulhos- GRU, 180 km and Viracopos VCP, 75 km from the campus. Simple but comfortable hotels are available. The primary conference hotel is the Carlton Plaza hotel, located a short walk or an even shorter taxi ride from the campus meeting venue.

  • ISTA 18 - International symposium on toxicity ASSESSMENT   Data inicial:  16/07/2017
    Data final:  21/07/2017

  • SETAC Latin America 12th Biennial Meeting   Data inicial:  07/09/2017
    Data final:  10/09/2017
    Local:  Santos, SP - Brazil


  • 6th Annual International Zebrafish Husbadry Course 2017   Data inicial:  03/10/2017
    Data final:  06/10/2017
    Local:  Tecniplast Congress Center - Buguggiate - Itália

    Curso de criação de Zebrafish (Danio rerio)


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